Built in the early 1800s on what was once part of the Westminster Cemetery, the house has since been the locus of dozens of alleged ghost sightings. Some years back it even made it into the book America's Most Haunted Places, and it's said that amongst its ghostly encounters, one is the spirit of a young girl who was accidentally hanged on the property. The owners think that's all codswallop though and still rent the place out, although more often than not it's to tourists because Liberty natives are incredibly wary of the place.


The Myrtles House, built in the early 1800s and named after the Civil War era family who had...briefly inhibited it, was architecturally superior to many of the homes found in Liberty, no doubt. Yet its history...

Its history, indeed. Liberty City's very own designated #1 Creepy Ass Place. There's variety of rumours swirling around about this house since what seems like forever. The most widespread rumour is usually variations of a young girly who put her family through a meat grinder and then hung herself.

As of late, it is currently in the possession of one Arthur Kirkland, who acquired the house mid-2009. He didn't put much stock into the rumours of the so-called hauntings (as he knew eight times out of ten, so-called Haunted Houses were simply the product of overactive imaginations or created for the sake of making a profitable tourist trap). Even if the rumours proved to be true, it wouldn't have been a problem. As it was, he got the lovely house for cheap and didn't care one jot about the whispers of the other denizens. Though he could have done without the children constantly using his house as a rite of passage.

But during August 2009 after a few unfortunate mishaps with his neighbours, Arthur soon learned that the rumours were at least partly true and he had bought himself a bonfide Haunted that had grown quite attached to him.

Cue a [month-long house arrest] (an alarmingly literal one at that), followed by a rescue attempt gone wrong and Arthur Kirkland - with the help of a delivery boy - [saving his own arse along with his four wayward 'saviors'] [one Francis Bonnefoy (v.1), Ivan Bragisky, Alfred F. Jones (v.1) and Roderich Edelstein (v.1)].

These days, the Myrtles House is relatively quiet, amazing given the current number of residents. There has been no entrapments, deathly illusions, furniture destruction or overtures of romance since that summer that seemed so far away now.

But who can say how long it will last?


  • Arthur Kirkland (owner)
  • Dewi Ainsworth-Kirkland (freeloader)
  • Alfred F. Jones (accidental tenant/soon-to-be ex-tenant)
  • Matthew Williams (phantom tenant/soon-to-be ex-tenant)