Liberty Eagles

In terms of public schools, LU is in the top three best in the country. It boasts some of the best schools of law and medicine, as well as an excellent film school and a highly successful sports program - so is it any wonder that everyone is scrambling to apply? The school colours are blue and white, and their teams are known as the Liberty Eagles. Victory the Eagle is their mascot (and they mean business). They also have a large housing system, but everyone knows the cool kids shack up at The Charleston.



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Campus Events and ClubsEdit

  • Liberty University's Glee Club:
    • Members:
      1. Dewi Ainsworth (Founder)
      2. Emiliana Guadalupe de León
      3. Feliks Łukasiewicz
      4. Johanna Kingsly
      5. Li Mei-Lin
      6. Rhema Lee Tomkins
      7. Toris Larinaitis
  • "Concert on the Roof":